The importance of building confidence

Building confidence before and during childbirth is vital to do together. It strengthens the woman’s capacity to cope with life’s various challenges and promotes a positive birth experience, prevents trauma and secondary fear of childbirth. Birth Without Fear offers instructor training as well as professional development training  in our healthcare-specific model ‘SAFE’, a tool for implementing support and reducing stress and fear during pregnancy and birth.

Our aim

We want to give birthing women and their families worldwide the opportunity to experience as safe, as loving and as empowering a birth experience as possible. We offer effective tools for a safe emotional birth and an understanding of the important link between emotions and the physiology of birth. Together we strengthen women’s confidence in their own bodies, in becoming a parent and in being able to cope with life’s challenges. In turn, this leads to  deeper connections, greater meaning and better mental health for more people.

We have the training and the tools

Our instructor training and our care model provide the tools you need to build more confidence in both pregnant women and their birth partners. Our designated courses instruct in how to increase the woman’s emotional safety and prevent fear of birth, thereby reducing complications and the need for interventions. This by proxy enables a more long-term approach for better and more cost effective maternity care as well as improved psychosocial health.

Hands-on support for a positive birth experience

Our care model, SAFE (Stress And Fear Evaluation), offers a concrete tool-kit to identify and reduce fear and stress through the application of hands-on strategies and action plans for use within maternity healthcare, ‘tokophobia’ clinics (fear of childbirth)  and during intrapartum care. Several national health  maternity units across Sweden have already been trained in and implemented ‘SAFE’. We always adapt our training courses to the client.


Do you want, together with Birth Without Fear to help women and their partners rebuild the trust that the body can give birth? Then you can become part of Birth Without Fear and become a certified instructor and work with our successful course concept.
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Our Healthcare Model

Birth Without Fear offers continuing education and instructor training in our care model, SAFE, which is a working tool for implementing support and reducing stress and fear during pregnancy and childbirth.
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