Susanna Heli

Course Instructor

Susanna Heli

Susanna Heli is an experienced, certified physiotherapist and doula specializing in pregnancy, birth and psychosomatics.

She is author of the book Give Birth Without Fear (previous Confident Birth) and the Birth Without Fear method. She has also written in Swedish “Föda utan rädsla“, (Bonnier 2019) and “Trygg förlossning“, (Gothia 2017). The book and method are used for birth preparation and as a birth-specific care model by the healthcare system both in Sweden and in a number of countries.

Susanna is a highly sought-after public speaker and instructor. She teaches the Birth Without Fear method to midwives, doctors, doulas and parents-to-be. She is passionate about spreading the message that we are supposed to give birth when we feel safe and how this is achieved. Thousands of women, partners and healthcare staff, have already used Susanna’s method.

Emilie Wicks

Birth Without Fear Ambassador UK

Emilie Wicks (Midwife)

I am a midwife of 10 years in one of the largest London hospitals with a background in high-risk midwifery antenatal and labour care, and more recently antenatal and postnatal education, with a focus on the transition to parenthood.

I am also Hypnobirthing trained. Since discovering Give Birth Without Fear however, I felt that I could finally genuinely help women welcome their babies into the world with real tools that actually work and are completely accessible, for both the women and the men! In all my years of caring for women during labour I have seen how stress, fear and lack of confidence so often contribute to either complications in birth, or more importantly a negative emotional experience overall. As a mother of two young children myself, I know how important it is to start your parenthood journey with emotional strength to spare! A negative birth experience can leave you feeling emotionally drained, sometimes for months or even years.

This method speaks to women, their birth partners and also to midwives! The 4 tools and their focus on birthing physiology are what have given words to what I always knew to be true. That connecting with your body is the only thing that will get you through, whatever your mode of birth is in the end. It is this that genuinely helps women in the actual moment, and that is all that matters to ensure a sense of empowerment and positive control.