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Birth by Heart

Birth by Heart was born in Sweden in 2009 as Föda Utan Rädsla. We now have over 400 qualified instructors and are established in ten certified healthcare units in the country. The book “Give Birth Without Fear” has been published in Swedish, English and Finnish and since 2020 we have been developing our business and workforce in Finland and in the UK.

Our vision is for every birthing woman and her birth partner to have an emotionally safe, empowering and more loving birth experience. The organisation Birth By Heart is passionate about ‘birth health’.

We want to build a society where both the pregnant woman and her healthcare professionals have complete confidence in her body’s ability to give birth and in the baby’s ability to be born. We want to strengthen expectant  parents’ confidence in their own capacity to handle not only the challenges of childbirth, but also the demands of parenthood and life itself, which in turn leads to deeper connections, more meaningful lives and better mental health and wellbeing throughout society.

We want to empower healthcare staff with greater knowledge and confidence in offering support through our tools and our care model by focusing on reducing stress and fear during pregnancy and birth. The aim is to work in a sustainable way towards better and more cost-effective maternity care.

In 2020 we launched Birth Without Fear’s latest success story: live online classes in Swedish and English. Anyone can attend these group classes, from anywhere in the world. And we have a lot of fun together! It makes us so happy that we have found an easy way of reaching out to even more women and their birth partners.

Our brand has recently been relaunched with a new visual identity, starting with this new website. We hope you like it!

Our next step is the launching of our mobile application.

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