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You have come to the right place for the Birth Without Fear method. We offer the most practical and effective strategies for reducing stress and fear in labour. Here you can learn about our method, find our books, enrol on  our courses and professional  training, as well as read some amazing birth stories. Thousands of expectant parents around the world have relied on  the Birth Without Fear method and an increasing number of healthcare professionals and maternity hospitals have implemented our unique healthcare-specific model (Stress and Fear Evaluation ‘SAFE’).

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Everything you need is already within you

You and your baby already have all the knowledge you need to give birth and be born. Our unique tools and services focus on strengthening this innate capacity and power.

Physiology is the answer

The reason for the rapid spread of our method is this: it works for practically everyone. Based upon comprehensive physiological knowledge and expertise, it includes a range of tools and techniques developed around scientifically proven outcomes.


Together you are strong

A birth partner is an enormous source of practical help and reassurance. That’s why our childbirth classes and professional training focus on giving your birth partner hands-on skills that help you both to understand how you can use your relationship and your love or connection  to provide support during the birth.

The answer is YES.
Υou can do it

We have all the tools you and your birth partner will need to create maximum confidence and prepare yourselves for birth and parenthood in the best way possible. By practising  the tools, each person and couple will discover their individual  coping strategy that will lead you both to a loving, confident and positive birth experience.

Because you, your birth partner and your baby deserve that.