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For an emotionally safe birth

Welcome to our community. We want to make sure that every woman can have an emotionally safe, empowering birth experience by giving her and her birth partner practical and effective tools for dealing with stress and fear. As a healthcare professional, you and your workplace are well-placed to drive change. But how can you actually make this a reality ? Every day, with every woman, in a tough and often stressful workplace?

The opportunity to have an impact in this area is exactly what you will gain from us, thanks to our accessible and highly effective healthcare-specific model and our tools.

Our training gives you and your colleagues in-depth scientifically proven theoretical knowledge about the impact of emotions on the childbirth process plus practical training in how to use our specific care model tools. The aim is that you, on every shift and for every birthing woman can create and guarantee their emotional safety during  labour..

A growing number of maternity clinics across Sweden and abroad are using our care model, ‘SAFE’ (Stress and Fear Evaluation). The model is suitable for midwifery and obstetric professionals working within offering antenatal and intrapartum care, as well as for clinics specifically dedicated to caring for women with ‘tokophobia’ (fear of childbirth).

Read more about the ‘SAFE’ model here and get in touch.

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