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For the majority of women, giving birth is a natural, healthy and fully functioning physiological process that from a medical point of view is well-researched. However, the emotional dimension of giving birth is not as well-known and not well integrated within maternity care pathways.

The Birth Without Fear method focuses on the interaction between emotions and physiology during childbirth and can give you an intimately  empowering birth experience. We want you, your baby and all others present during your labour to experience an emotionally safe and loving birth. A positive birth experience can change and enrich the life of the whole family for ever.

Because you, your partner and your baby deserve nothing less.

The method

Prepare yourselves for an emotional birth. Giving birth is a natural and powerful process that evokes strong emotions – positive as well as negative. The Birth Without Fear method makes it easier for you to handle stress and fear as and when they arise, to labour with the right focus, effectively use the support of your partner and others, and ultimately find your natural capacity to give birth.


Read the book and understand the connections.
We have different  books for our different client groups:
Give Birth Without Fear for expectant parents  and “Trygg förlossning”, based on our healthcare-specific model ‘SAFE’ – Stress and Fear Evaluation model, at the moment only available in Swedish.